About the Author

Faith Williams

Enneagram 4w5

Education: BA in English and History from University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Family: one spouse (Scott) and one dog (Gideon). 4 siblings, two parents, eight nieces and nephews.

Job: I serve tables for a living and I love my job.

Political: I am a democratic socialist and a very vocal critic of 45 and the evangelical Christians who put him into office

Musicians that move me: blink-182, AVA, Mayday Parade, Gungor, Relient K, The Classic Crime, Memphis May Fire, Boxcar Racer, Megosh

Authors that capture me: Neil Gaiman, J.K. Rowling, Flannery O’Connor, Walker Percy, Mary Shelley, Jhumpa Lahiri, James Baldwin

Books I’ll reread a million times before I die: Harry Potter series, American GodsFrankenstein

“Important People” I admire: The Liturgists (Science Mike and Michael Gungor), Elizabeth Warren, Leslie Knope, Sam Winchester, Pope Francis, Peter Rollins, Peter Enns, Rob Bell

Most Important Film I’ve seen this year: “I Am Not Your Negro.”

Theological interests: I find comparative religion interesting, as well as the historical backgrounds of the development of the monotheistic god of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. I’m also very interested in Buddhism at the moment.

On my “Want to Read” list: Check out my GoodReads page!

Hobbies: Yoga, D&D, MTG, hiking and camping, drinking craft beers, reading

Things you may not know about me: I’m a vegetarian. I am not a Christian. I believe in evolution (check out BioLogos for more information).

A note about my personal religious beliefs: I used to be a Christian. I no longer identify as such. The aspects of Christianity that I retain are the teachings of Jesus that relate to love: love your enemy, love your neighbor, love, love, love. Beyond that, I do not consider myself a Christian. I was brought up in the Christian south, however, so much of my ethics and morals remain deeply influenced by the religion. I have taken what I believe to be the good of it and left the rest behind. I consider myself a nontheist, but I also acknowledge that I cannot prove or disprove the existence of a god/gods. If you want to label me, take your pick. I remain deeply spiritual and connected to the human experience. I explore my spirituality through yoga and meditation, as well as acts of love and altruism.

I believe deeply that all Truth is God’s Truth (even though I am a nontheist, the metaphor remains true) therefore I do not limit myself in my consumption of media, art, literature, etc based upon arbitrary religious, philosophical, or idealistic labels. In fact, I strive to find truth and beauty outside of those boundaries. The human experience is so much more than a set of religious dogma or creeds. Life is meant to be deeply lived, experienced, and savored. I do not believe I am here just to believe in a higher power and convince others to do the same. I believe I am here to experience all the glory and majesty of a beautiful world, and to bring others into that joy. Goodness, Truth, and Beauty is all around us. We just have to open our souls up to it.