About the Project

Whenever one begins a “project,” it is usually standard to set some goals. This “project” of mine, however, is more of a lifelong thing. It’s meant to continue for the entirety of time that Faith Williams has on this earth, be that 60 more days, months, or years.

Orienting a soul towards the Good, True, and Beautiful is not something that can be accomplished in a simple step-by-step timeline. It may not even be something that can be “accomplished.” It may be that this only something that I can strive towards.

But still, goals are important, so some general goals that I have for myself from here on in striving towards Goodness, Truth, and Beauty are:

  • read “good” literature
  • listen to “good” music
  • enjoy nature
  • connect with humanity
  • expand my worldview
  • be a lifelong learner
  • be informed of current events
  • experience “good” art
  • take care of my health
  • educate others to fight ignorance
  • protest and resist evil and injustice
  • be altrustic in my interaction
  • practice detachment and conscious peace
  • love my neighbor and turn the other cheek

My writings will have to do with all of the above and then some. I may write about what I’m reading or listening to, about a trip I took, a movie I watched, a feeling I had, a person I met, a class that I taught, something new I learned, etc. I will be taking my time to curate pieces to be diverse, informative, and, hopefully, interesting. I’m planning on a “quality over quantity” approach to this website. I will be taking my time to actually “author” a piece of writing, not simply put up a quick blog post. That means that, while posts may not be a frequent as daily or weekly, that the posts will be of quality.